Data Science

AntLab Solutions specializes in the area of data science. AntLab Solutions offers web-based and desktop knowledge discovery applications that incorporate the latest machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and Big Data technologies. Clients in education and business have used AntLab Solutions services to extract and analyze text and image data from Web resources, large-scale text databases, internal documentation, and user-based surveys to provide insights that have fed directly into new marketing strategies and research-development projects. AntLab Solutions also works directly with clients to develop bespoke software tools to address unique education and business needs.

Technical Consulting

AntLab Solutions offers consulting services related to the creation, publication, and promotion of discoveries in science and engineering. Clients have consulted with AntLab Solutions on issues of research strategy, the design and creation of technical documentation, the writing and publication of research articles in international journals, the presentation of research findings in international academic conferences, and the demonstration and explanation of products in sales presentations.

Training Seminars

AntLab Solutions offers individual- and group-based training seminars on a wide range of topics related to professional communication, including research design strategies, the fundamental principles of academic and technical writing, research article writing, and effective academic and sales presentations.

Photo credit: reynermedia